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The Fit4eva E-Book


What you will learn in the Fit4eva E-Book

Below are just a few things you will learn by getting your hands on your very own copy of the Fit4eva E-Book.

Read on and see how by...

...saving you a whole lot of money, time and effort by arming you with the best

fitness knowledge, preventing you parting with your hard-earned cash to the crooks and

pseudo-experts of the industry!

This is where you will learn all of what is to know about getting the body you want.

Which supplements to take that works!

I will cover the best supplements that will help you achieve your fitness goals, so you can

make a more informed choice on what to buy and what to bin!

Taken Creatine?


Found it didn't work for you?

There is a new way of taking Creatine that will help you absorb a far higher percentage of it -

without the waste!

Getting LEAN, LEAN, LEAN !!!

When loosing a few extra pounds the method you ultimately use to measure progress is

extremely important. You will know the difference between loosing fat (which is what you are

trying to loose), and loosing WEIGHT.

There is a VITAL difference between the two, and I will be showing you why.

I will also show you why standing on the scale is only part of the story, and why this method

for measuring progress is notoriously inaccurate. The CORRECT techniques - the ones we

use in the fitness industry will be shown to you, the techniques that guarantee accurate

progress, helping you to achieve the goals you are aspiring after. Furthermore, some of

these methods are 'cheaper than chips'


Whether you are just beginning or are at intermediate level you will benefit from the

information contained right here - showing you various step-by-step methods in how to attain

that lean muscular look WITHOUT steroids.

All you Bodybuilders who are 'in-the-know' will certainly benefit from learning the technique

of 'switching on' your own Anabolic Environment within your body so you can SLAM ON

POUNDS OF MUSCLE 100% naturally, 100% GUARANTEED!

Also you will have the advantage over your gym buddies by learning training techniques only

known to a select group of people that will literally create a CASCADE OF MUSCLE!

And did you know...

There are over 30 Bodybuilding principles, I will reveal all of them inside this book! 

And want to get super-fit?

You will get tips on pushing your fitness levels through the roof without having to exercise for

hours and hours... The truth is you can attain improved fitness with much less time spent in

the gym than you think!

I will focus on the advanced techniques for you, whether you either want to get fit, lean and

muscular, or maybe you want it all. Well if so, you will find it here. 

Supplementation will be covered showing you what will help you get to your goals faster.

Going into depth by discussing further, other methods of weight measurement - ones that

work and the ones that you should throw away. And if you require the more expert ways of

measuring body-fat percentage these will also be reviewed too!

I am going to show you some amazing ways of being able to gain muscle with the best

techniques available and how to eat to slam on the muscle in the shortest possible time.

and you will have all this information at your disposal, EVERYTHING for just £19.99

You would spend more than this on the latest supplement doing the rounds!

This is a one-off fee giving you full access to this amazing information. Solid and trustworthy

new knowledge only comes around now and again, unlike all the rubbish and re-cycled info

that does the rounds so too regularly.

When you buy the Fit4eva E-Book today you will be making a lifetime investment helping you

save £s £s £s, by not wasting your hard-earned money on rubbish supplements, unnecessary

exercise equipment and arming yourself with the best 'in-the-know' information available,

helping you to make the progress you truly deserve!


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