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Fat Loss


Fat Loss

Right now I am going to show you several top tricks - the tricks we use in the Fitness Industry.

Fat loss quick tips

Starting The Day

The best way to start the day is with a good quality breakfast. Why? Because for the simple fact that your body has been in a fasting state all night where it has used up all the nutrients from the meal you had the night before. As soon as you wake up your body needs to replace the nutrients so it doesn't have to resort to using your muscle proteins for energy. Yes! your body will end up breaking down muscle tissue because its more efficient to do so, it wants to hold onto the fat because it detects this situation as a possible famine.

Aerobics Three Times Per Week

When you do your aerobics try to do three sessions per week, you do not want to do too many sessions a week, for this will end up having a detrimental effect in the long-run, you will start to loose that all important lean mass (muscle) which is helping you to burn off the fat in the first place. You need quality rest in between sessions to allow your body to recover and recuperate.

Smaller Meals

Eating smaller but more frequent meals throughout the day helps to keep your blood-sugar levels more stable and balanced. This will keep a check on your insulin levels. Insulin is responsible for converting any extra glucose in your blood into fat and shuttling it straight into your fat cells. There are exceptions to this rule however, and that is usually when you have just finished some sort of exercise, at this point your body will be more sensitive to the effects of insulin and a higher percentage of glucose will be sent into the liver and muscles and stored as Glycogen.

Meals Rich In Protein

By keeping your meals rich in protein this ends up serving a few purposes, it slows down digestion slightly and allows meals to release slowly into the blood. It helps to maintain/build healthy body tissues helping to keep your metabolic rate at its optimum level. And it also helps to keep those hunger pangs at bay.

Fruit & Veg

Eating fruit and veg is another great way to help you achieve that leaner look. (Never underestimate the power of good wholesome natural foods). They have a good spectrum of vitamins and minerals which act as catalysts to help burn fat for energy, Fruit contains a sugar known as Fructose which actually gets metabolised by the liver-which then trickles into your blood, helping to maintain those all-important balanced insulin levels, as we discussed earlier. Fruit and veg also contain fibre which not only helps to give you that full and satisfied feeling but also helps some of the calories you eat go straight through your digestive system instead of being absorbed.