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Bodybuilding Principles


Bodybuilding Principles

Principle : an adopted rule or method for application in action : a working principle for general use.
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Some of the bodybuilding principles that will lead you to the body you deserve

Here we will have a look at some of the fundamental principles of bodybuilding and fitness which will add variety, freshness and help to keep enthusiasm in your training...

1. Cycle Training Principle (Breaking your training week into cycles for endurance, mass and strength to keep your body in peak metabolic condition year-round)

2. Split System Training Principle (Breaking your workout week into upper versus lower body training, for example, results in more intense training sessions)

3. Double or Triple Split Training Principle (Breaking your workout down into two or three shorter, more intense training sessions per day)

4. Muscle Confusion Principle (Muscles accommodate to a specific type of stress ("habituate" or "plateau") when you continually apply the same stress to your muscles over time, so you must constantly vary exercises, sets, reps and weight to avoid accommodation)

5. Progressive Overload Principle (The basis of increasing any parameter of fitness is to make your muscles work harder than they are accustomed to)

6. Holistic Training Principle (Different cellular organelles respond differently to different forms of stress, so using a variety of rep/set schemes, intensity and frequency will maximize muscle mass)

7. Eclectic Training Principle (Combining mass, strength or isolation-refinement training techniques as your instincts dictate -  into your program often helps you achieve greater progress)

8. Set System Training Principle (Performing one set per bodypart was the old way; the Set System calls for multiple sets for each exercise in order to apply maximum adaptive stress)

9. Superset Training Principle (alternating opposing muscle group exercises with little rest between sets)

10. Compound Sets Training Principle (alternating two exercises for one body part with little rest between sets)

There are over 30 bodybuilding principles, and these you see here only just scrape the surface. You can find out more by investing in the fit4eva e-book where you will find other great ideas for getting the body you desire.